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  Research has shown that following a healthy eating plan can both reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure and lower an already elevated blood pressure. An AmeriThin healthy eating plan centers around portion control, moderation and eating almost whatever food you desire, which isn't too hard to do if you're under our care.

Our medical weight loss program and corresponding Nutrition Plan are medically supervised and allow you to create your own daily meals comprised of healthy foods with adequate portion control. The foundation of our Nutrition Plan is comprised of 3 phases: Phase 1 - Ketosis, Phase 2 - Transition and Phase 3 - Lifelong. Our medical staff will guide you through each of the 3 phases, while you’re shedding pounds in each phase.

AmeriThin’s Nutrition Plan is realistic for everyday use in our fast paced lives. By choosing your own foods, you can mix and match and “whip up a batch” of healthy meals in minutes. Who said “fast food” can’t be healthy?!


Amerithin Exclusive Products are just what the doctor ordered…literally! Vitamins and supplements are just as integral to a healthy lifestyle as are eating right and exercise. Often times our bodies are deficient in vitamins and minerals as a result of poor food choices or lack of healthy foods. When dieting, it is especially important that our bodies receive the correct vitamins and minerals in order to have energy, promote healing and build new cells. Ingredients such as phytochemicals, fiber and antioxidants help protect cells from damage and the body from disease. Besides helping you to look good, AmeriThin wants to ensure that you are feeling as good as you look. Our research has incorporated the exact amounts of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements that are guaranteed to replenish and revive you!

• Micadrin Injection – Comprised of Methionine, Inositol, Choline and B-12, this weekly injection contains powerful fat mobilizing supplements and B-12 for extra energy throughout the week

• Micadrin Plus injection – Complements the effects of Micadrin, as the body must have vitamin B-6 to have the ability to absorb B-12.

• “Just For Women” Multivitamin – Is a comprehensive vitamin that was designed with women in mind. Providing optimal nutrients, this multivitamin is needed to balance today’s challenges and is a MUST for anyone on a low calorie diet.

• Lipastat® – Is a class of compounds that enhance liver function by decreasing fat deposits. Lipastat boosts the metabolism of fats and their removal.

• Restiron® – Formulated especially for AmeriThin, you won’t find this appetite suppressant anywhere else! Formulated to be used during “medication vacation” when a tolerance to your prescription appetite suppressant has built up. To be used during one week intervals, or for those patients where prescription appetite suppressants are contraindicated

• Carbalase – Is our amazing carb blocker! It carefully aides in blocking the conversion of starch into blood sugar, thus maintaining and balancing blood sugar levels. This action along with chromium picolinate also assists in lowering cholesterol.

• Calcium 600 + D – Many qualified healthcare professionals agree that taken daily, calcium supplements are needed for maintenance of strong healthy bones. Since vitamin D expedites the absorption of calcium, we thought you should have that too…only the best for our patients!

• Omega 3 – A daily dose of this guarantees your body a-mega positive result! This supplement alone helps to improve cognitive health, while preventing cancer, heart disease and some immune disorders.

• Colon cleanser – In with the new, out with the old! Our colon cleanser is the gold standard for cleansing and detoxifying the digestive system. Intestinal parasites, bacteria that cause bad breath, fatigue and constipation can all be eliminated through your elimination! Our exclusive formulation really puts the “clean’ in cleanser!



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You'll be amazed at how we can help you change those bad eating behaviors.

Numerous studies have shown that keeping up with your eating helps you keep calories in check. We'll show you how to do it right.

A simple, powerful, and practical nutrition plan to guide patients eating.

AmeriThin carries some of the highest quality weight loss supplements around...

Non-exercise activity therapy is how our patients learn to get active again.

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Ready to kick it up a notch? Boot Camp is for you!
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